I live in this town.

Local media turning sensationalistic. Buzzfeed here we come!

New Shops everywhere

I love seeing so many new shops opening up everywhere in Olympia.

People trying their luck in running a business in this community despite the fact that for the most part Olympia is against growth, against commerce, against revitalization and modernization.

Kudos to all you business owners staking a claim and aiming to make things better.

This is your city!

Olympia Time: I'm not sure if it is true, if it matters. But, in any case, people of Chinese decent have had a long history on one particular block of downtown

Emmett on the always great Olympia Time:

This letter to the editor (actually just one passage of it) in Olympia Power and Light bothers me more than it should:

Columbia Heights Partners LLC, a Chinese backed company…

 Backed by the Chinese? Why does that matter? Is it the implied xenophobia that matters to me? Probably.

What bothers me is not the implied xenophobia, I doubt people in Olympia are meeting in back rooms with white hooded cloaks. What bothers me is that we give people like this a voice in this city. This is the State Capitol. We’re a city of just over 40K, but the central hub for over 200,000 people in the South Sound. We need more professional, experienced and mature voices and leaders to represent and shape this city.


Olympia. Dinner. (at The Bread Peddler)

The Bread Peddler, Downtown Olympia.


Olympia. Dinner. (at The Bread Peddler)

The Bread Peddler, Downtown Olympia.

I support the Columbia Heights project

We’ve waited too long for a project like this in the heart of downtown. The proposed Columbia Heights project will improve the character of downtown and increase the population in the core of our city.

Sent this email to the City Council. Any progress this town can get is so desperately needed and the no-growther, NIMBY crowd is just too damn well engrained into our system here in Olympia for anything to go without support by people who actually care.

Everyone's a NIMBY

And no one truly makes this town their own. 

Lunch, Old School Style

Pizza anyone, with a side of 80’s hard rock and pinball?

'Urban Courtyard' in Downtown

I wonder how many people who are sad...

I wonder how many people who are sad that the Toy Store and Alpine closed also voted against economic development in downtown. Put a park where the toy store was and all is good.

Some great comments in this Facebook thread.